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  Alhambra   National A.C.  
  12th & Morris Streets - South Philly   11th & Catherine Streets - South Philly  
  Arena   New Alhambra  
  45th & Market Streets - West Philly   Swanson & Ritner Streets - South Philly  
  Arena A.C.      
  Broad & Cherry Streets - North Philly      
  Blue Horizon   Olympia A.C.  
  1314 N. Broad Street - North Philly   Broad & Bainbridge Streets - South Philly  
  Cambria A.C.   Phillies Ball Park  
  Kensington Ave. & Somerset Street - Kensington   Broad & Huntingdon Streets - North Philly  
  Convention Hall   The Plaza  
  34th & Spruce Streets - West Philly   Broad & Porter Streets - South Philly  
  69th Street Forum   Shibe Park  
  69th & Market - Upper Darby   21st Street & Lehigh Avenue - North Philly  
  The Met   The Spectrum  
  Broad & Poplar Streets - North Philly   Broad Street & Pattison Avenue - South Philly  
  Municipal Stadium   Toppi Stadium  
  Broad Street & Pattison Avenue - South Philly   Broad Street & Packer Avenue - South Philly  

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