All Photos by Darryl Cobb Jr. -

2014 Briscoe Award Winners

Amir Mansour, Kennedy Cunningham & Steve Cunningham

Bryant Jennings - 2014 Philly Fighter of the Year

Steve Cunningham vs. Amir Mansour
2014 Philly Fight of the Year

Ray Robinson - 2014 Prospect of the Year

Milton Santiago - 2014 Rookie of the Year

Joey Dawejko - 2014 Breakout Fighter of the Year

Steve Cunningham - 2014 Performance of the Year (vs. Mansour)
with Sidney "Sweet Pea" Adams and Gee Cullmer

Steve Cunningham
2014 Performance & Fight of the Year Winner

Amir Mansour - 2014 Knockout of the Year (vs. Fred Kassi)
with Sweet Pea Adams and Gee Cullmer

Taneal Goyco - 2014 Upset of the Year (vs. Dennis Hasson)

Darmani Rock - 2014 Amateur of the Year

Jaron Ennis - Everett Brothers Award
with the Everett Family's Johnny Ortiz and Eddie Everett

Kennedy Cunningham - 2014 Honorary Briscoe Medal
with Steve Cunningham

The Victory Beer Hall at Xfinity Live

Cunningham & Mansour also received their
USBA Fight of the Year Awards

Steve Cunningham & Amir Mansour

Steve Cunningham & Amir Mansour

Former Briscoe Award Winner and 2015 Co-Host Gee Cullmer

Gee Cullmer, Crystal Custus & Buster Custus

The 2015 Briscoe Awards

Bryant Jennings and Travis Kauffman

Fred Druding won a pair of seats from the Blue Horizon

Bear Richardson, Oak Tree Brown, Naazim Richardson,
Eddie Chambers & Steve Cunningham

Photo winner Kyle Keech

Brother Naazim Richardson

Bryant Jennings with Sidney Sweet Pea Adams

Amir Mansour, David Bey and Kevin Howard

Jennifer DiSanto, Joe Hand Jr. and Joe Hand Sr.

Nino Del Buono and Joey Eye

Taneal Goyco, Damon Feldman and David Feldman

Nate Miller and Garrett Wilson

J Russell Peltz and Sweet Pea Adams

Nino Del Buono and Bernard Fernandez

Curtis Parker, Steve Fleisher, Mike Everett,
Bryant Jennings and others

Two of Gypsy Joe Harris' Sisters
Arnetta Miller and Daa'iyah Waheed

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