Danny "Swift" Garcia had his breakthrough year in 2012.  But before that, he set the stage for that breakthrough by winning three fights (two against former champs), improving his undefeated record to 22-0, adding another regional title to his trophy case, and winning the eliminator bout that would guarantee his title shot. These accomplishments earned him the Briscoe Award as the "2011 Philly Fighter of the year".

Garcia disposed of John Figueroa in a Feb-ruary warm up before beating two former world champions in the biggest challenges he'd faced up to that point.

Garcia defeated Nate Campbell by 10-round decision on April 09, in Las Vegas.  The win was Garcia's first step into the upper echelon of the division.

He followed with an even tougher assign-ment against Kendall Holt on October 15, in Los Angeles.  At stake in the bout was the Vacant WBO Intercontinental Jr. Welter-weight Title, which Garcia brought home with a split decision.  The fight was also a title eliminator for the both the WBC and IBF world titles.  Danny's victory against Holt made him the #2 contender in both organizations and guaranteed him a shot at the championship.  In 2012, Garcia received his shot against WBC champ Erik Morales and took the title by decision.  It was the start of a great year for the North Philly fighter. 

Danny "Swift" Garcia finished 2011 with his undefeated pro record still perfect at 22-0 with 14 KOs.  2011 was a great year for the young fighter, but given that his 2012 is going even better than last year, Garcia may just be getting started. 

Garcia's "Fighter of the Year" award comes after being nominated once before (2010).  To take the award, he topped three other excellent Philly fighters (Mike Jones, Hank Lundy & Garrett Wilson), all of whom had great years and could have easily earned the Briscoe Award in this category. 

Danny Garcia will be presented with his Briscoe Award on October 07, 2012 at the Veteran Boxers Association Club in Philadelphia. (PHOTOS)__________________________________________________________________

The other nominees for 2011 Philly Fighter of the Year:
1)  Mike Jones (welterweight)
2)  Hank Lundy (lightweight)
3)  Garrett Wilson (cruiserweight)



On July 29, 2011, the Asylum Arena was once again the site of the best Philly fight of the year. The fight, a welterweight 6-rounder between an undefeated visitor and a struggling local club fighter, had an unlikely transformation from scheduled preliminary bout to sudden main event, and now the "2011 Philly Fight of the  Year".

Juan Rodriguez vs. Greg Hackett wasn't supposed to be the main event that night.  However, it became exactly that when a troubled KEA Boxing card saw one scheduled main event after another fall out.  The last one happened just 24 hours before fight night.  So Rodriguez vs. Hackett was elevated to main event status in a desperate move to salvage the collapsing card. 

The fighters took the sudden spotlight in stride and went on to fight a memorable battle before a sparse South Philly crowd.  Hackett brought the fight to Rodriguez all night, landing a number of hard punches that threatened to turn the fight in his favor.  However, each time Hackett fought his way to the brink of something, Rodriguez managed to use his superior boxing skills and some very effective cool under pressure to stay in control and keep the fight going his way. 

Both boxers fought hard for all six rounds and filled the fight with dramatic, fast paced, back and forth action.  After the fight was over, no one could even remember those other fights that were supposed to be the main event that night.  

Rodriguez earned the unanimous decision.  Although a few felt the bout should have been declared a draw, everyone agreed that a rematch should happen as soon as possible.  From the instant the final bell sounded, the fight was considered a leading candidate for "fight of the year" honors. 

Other Philly fights came along throughout 2011, but like a tough old club fighter, this one hung in there, stayed on its feet, and made it to the final bell.  Against all odds, this little fight will be remembered as the best fight in Philadelphia of 2011.

It must be noted that 2011 was a tough year for boxing in Philadelphia.  Only seven boxing cards were staged in the City over the 12 months of the year.  Of the 46 total bouts on the cards that happened here, just two 10-rounders and two 8-rounders were scheduled.  But none of these four bouts were "fight of the year" type fights.  The rest of the ring action came in the form of 6 and 4 round bouts.  Of these, Rodriguez-Hackett was clearly the best, even though it was a sleeper. 

There were many other good fights - and some very important ones - involving Philly fighters in 2011, but all of them occurred outside Philadelphia - in nearby Atlantic City, Chester, PA, or other suburban locations.  As good as these fights may have been, a fight must take place in Philly to win the Briscoe Award for fight of the year.    

The fight of the year was promoted by Andre Kut of KEA Boxing.

Juan Rodriguez and Greg Hackett will be presented with Briscoe Awards on October 07, 2012 at the Veteran Boxers Association Club in Philadelphia.  (PHOTOS)__________________________________________________________________

The other nominees for 2011 Philly Fight of the Year:
1)  Ardrick Butler TKO6 Mike Denby,  April 01, 2011 at the Asylum Arena, promoted by KEA Boxing (Andre Kut).

2)  Julian Williams W6 Eberto Medina, September 30, 2011 at the National Guard Armory, promoted by BAM Boxing Promotions (Brittany Rogers).

3)  No Fight of the Year.



With one single punch on November 19, 2011, Garrett Wilson reminded everyone why we all love him so much.  Things weren't going so well in the first defense of the USBA Cruiserweight Title he had won seven months earlier.  On this night, cagey Jersey shore veteran Chuck Mussachio was boxing circles around Wilson, and getting closer and closer to taking the title back with him to Wildwood.  Wilson, usually an aggressive, busy, and dangerous fighter, was running out of time.  To be certain, the "Professor" was schooling the "Ultimate Warrior" for most of the first eleven rounds of the fight, but Garrett Wilson wasn't ready to pack it in yet. 

Wilson was just too proud, too hungry, and had worked too hard over the previous year to let his career lose even a step of the momentum that he'd fought so hard to get rolling.  Now that he was a ranked contender with something to lose, defeat, against Mussachio or anyone else, simply was not an option. 

So while impossibly down on the scorecards with time slipping away in the 12th and final round, Wilson brushed off a mountain of frustration, refused to be denied, and let loose a monstrous overhand right that crashed against Mussachio's jaw and sent him to the floor with a crash.  Chuckie did everything he possibly could to get to his feet, but it just was not going to happen.  Wilson had done the only thing he could have to save his title.  It was the most beautiful one punch KO we've seen in a long while. 

Given the significance of the fight and its pure drama, the Briscoe Awards could not ignore Garrett Wilson in 2011.  His knockout of Chuck Mussachio was memorable to everyone who saw it and should be recognized as one of the biggest accomp-lishments of the year. 

Usually the Briscoe Award is only given in two categories (Fight and Fighter). However, at times a special Briscoe will be awarded for a major accomplishment. Wilson's KO is one of those accomplishments.  It was unforgettable and perhaps the best single moment of the year.  

Garrett Wilson will be presented with his Briscoe Award on October 07, 2012 at the Veteran Boxers Association Club in Philadelphia.  (PHOTOS)



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