PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                             September 08, 2009 - News & Notes


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The winners of the Philly Boxing History Briscoe Awards for the fight year 2008 have been chosen. We are pleased to announce that Bernard Hopkins has been named as the "2008 Philly Fighter of the Year". Hopkins won based on his timeless victory over Kelly Pavlik last year. Hopkins turned back the clock, surprised the entire boxing world, and with the win, upgraded his golden legacy to solid platinum. The "2008 Philly Fight of the Year" was Gee Cullmer vs. Jameel Wilson (9/12/08 at the Blue Horizon). Cullmer won the fight by majority decision over 8 rounds, but the two-way war could have gone either way. The winners will be presented with their Briscoe Awards on Monday, October 12th, at the Veteran Boxers Association Club. For more information, visit




John DiSanto - News & Notes - September 08, 2009



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