PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                                             April 09, 2010


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"Pretty Boy" Coy Evans won his first-ever main event Friday night with a thudding knockout at the South Philly Arena. The Philadelphia featherweight improved his professional slate (now 8-0-1) by blasting out Morris Chule, a 22-fight vet from Florida (by way of Kenya). The fireworks started early when Evans dropped his foe twice in round two. Had it not been for the bell ending the second, it is doubtful Chule would have made it out of the round. Every shot Evans landed hurt the experienced Floridian. Evans picked things right up the third. After maneuvering Chule to the ropes, Evans landed a pipe bomb of a right hand that ended the night. Chule went down hard, with his head slamming loudly on the canvas. Everyone nervously held their breath, fearing serious injury to the fallen fighter. But in the end, he was okay and left the ring on his own power. The time of the KO was 1:21 of the third. The referee was Benjy Esteves. Coy's performance was impressive and turned out to the perfect showcase for his first main event.

Morris Chule knocked down for the first time

The end of the fight

The overall card was maimed by a number of late cancellations. Earlier in the week, Olivia Fonseca's four-round bout was cancelled when, after a difficult contract negotiation, her opponent decided not to fight, leaving Philly's favorite female fighter - and promoter Greg Robinson - in the lurch. Another fight was cancelled earlier on Friday due to a failed medical exam. The scheduled semi-windup, a six-rounder which was to feature Derrick Webster, was also scratched on Friday, when his opponent was a "no show". The aftermath of all this scratching left the card with just four matches - three four rounders and the main event (scheduled for eight).

The night got underway with the second pro fight of amateur star Kareem Cooley. Kareem had made his successful debut professional debut in the same arena back in February. This time out, he was matched with Puro Pairol of Cuba, who came in with a 0-0-1 record. Pairol tried to ruffle Cooley's feathers with some roughhouse tactics through out the fight. But it was his better work rate and constant aggression that guided him through the fight. He landed solidly many times, and got on a roll beginning in round two. The round ended wildly with both fighters swinging freely. Midway through the last round, it looked like Cooley might get his man. He launched a volley that wobbled Pairol. But the Cuban kept up the pressure and resumed landing his own shots. The window closed for Cooley, and it turned out to be his only shot in the fight. All three judges scored it the same: 39-37 all for Pairol. The win lifted his record to 1-0-1. The lauded Cooley evened out at 1-1, and goes back to the drawing board scratching his head. The loss was a big surprise for sure. The referee was Hurley McCall.

Next up, Ridley Park light-heavyweight Joe McKenzie made his debut in a four round bout against South Philly's Maurice Amaro, a two-fight vet without a win. In this fight however, things finally went right for him. He swept through the rounds winning them all, using hard right hands as his primary weapon. McKenzie stayed in there and swung away. Most of the rounds were close, and McKenzie came close to pulling out the final round. But Amaro hustled in the final minute to secure the shutout victory. All three judges agreed, scoring it 40-36. The referee was Benjy Esteves.

In the final prelim, Philly junior lightweight "Killa" Keenan Smith pitched his own shutout against North Philly's Luis Esquilin, who was fighting on his second consecutive Friday night. He lost a dead even fight last week at the Blue Horizon. But on this night, the debuting Smith had too much artillery. The second was "Smurf" Esquilin's best round, but he only landed well twice in response to Smith's constant assault. In the fourth, Smith nearly floored Esquilin but the North Philadelphian stayed on his feet to meet the final bell. Once again the three judges all agreed with scores of 40-36 for Smith. Keenan Smith walked away with his first pro win. Esquilin fell to 1-4-1. The referee was Hurley McCall.

Killa Keenan Smith prior to the fight

The arena was about half full for the show. Despite the abbreviated lineup, the crowd seemed satisfied, especially with the sudden and thrilling end to Coy Evans' fight. Nothing leaves the fans buzzing like a big knockout. And Evans probably saved his first headlining show with his explosive finish.


Promoter: Greg Robinson
Power Productions
Matchmaker: Ty McNeil

Estimated attendance: about 800

Judges (for all four bouts):
-Pierre Benoist
-George Hill 
-Joe Pasquale

Alternating Referees:
-Hurley McCall 
-Benjy Esteves




John DiSanto - South Philly - April 09, 2010