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Story by John DiSanto
Photos by Darryl Cobb Jr. - / and Mike Baluk


The Pennsylvania Boxing Hall of Fame held their annual induction ceremony and banquet on Sunday, May 15, 2016. Sixteen new members were inducted at Romano's Catering in the Juniata Park section of Philadelphia.

Nino Del Buono was the Master of Ceremonies and Hall of Fame promoter J Russell Peltz served as co-host. HBO judge Harold Lederman was the guest speaker and former three-division world champion Iran Barkley was a special guest.

The inductees included boxers Benny Amparo, Bob Baker (deceased), Johnny Bizzarro (deceased), Harry Bobo (deceased), George Chip (deceased), Hugh Kearney, Andre Prophet (deceased), Monty Sherrick, Chucky T and Joe Thomas. Also enshrined were non-boxers Jimmy Arthur (trainer, deceased), Ralph Citro (cut man, deceased), Duke Dugent (trainer, deceased), George James (trainer), Jack Obermayer (writer), and Augie Scimeca (trainer / manager).

Two young fighters, Christian Carto and Anthony Ramirez, received scholarships from the Veteran Boxers Association - Ring One.

2016 Inductee Benny Amparo (Photo: Mike Baluk)

George James (Photo: Mike Baluk)

2016 Inductee Monty Sherrick (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Hugh Kearney addresses the crowd (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

2016 Inductee Augie Scimeca (with grandson Sam, VBA president
Charles Sgrillo, Nino Del Buono, J Russell Peltz (Photo: Mike Baluk)

George Chip, the grandson of 2016 Inductee George Chip
(Photo: Mike Baluk)

Chucky T with his family (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

2016 Inductee Jack Obermayer (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Nigel Collins accepts for Jimmy Arthur with Arthur protégés
Simon Carr, Mike Rafferty and Angelo Novelli (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

John Bizzarro, son of 2016 Inductee Johnny Bizzarro
(Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Co-Host J Russell Peltz (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Guest Speaker Harold Lederman (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Emcee Nino Del Buono (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

VBA Treasurer John Gallagher (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

George James with his family (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Hank Quinn, Frank Kubach, Iran Barkley & Norman Torpey Jr.
(Photo: Mike Baluk)

Billy Briscoe Jr. and Billy Briscoe Sr. (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Hugh Kearney with his wife (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Special Guest Iran Barkley (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Fred Druding and John Gallagher with Scholarship winner Anthony Ramirez (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Bobby Boogaloo Watts (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Steve Fleischer and Nino Del Buono (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Charles Sgrillo, Harold Lederman and Cyclone Hart (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Hugh Kearney (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Iran Barkley and Joe Mathis (Photo: Mike Baluk)

Frank Kubach with Mr. and Mrs. Chucky T (Photo: Mike Baluk)

VBA Vets (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Frank Carto accepts the scholarship for his son Christian Carto
(Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

James Gibbs (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Iran Barkley (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Iran Barkley and Charles Brewer (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Fred Druding, Nin Del Buono, Harold Lederman and Charles Sgrillo
(Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Jesse Hart, Cyclone Hart and Jacqui Frazier-Lyde (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Frank Carto and Jacqui Frazier-Lyde (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Brittany BAM Rogers and Jesse Hart (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

James Gibbs and Steve Fleischer (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Hugh Kearney and George Hanson (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Johnny & John Bizzarro with Benny Amparo (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Nigel Collins and Jack Obermayer (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

Harold Lederman, George Hanson and Cyclone Hart (Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)

(Photo: Darryl Cobb Jr.)




John DiSanto - Philadelphia - May 15, 2016