PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - February 03, 2017  
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Story by John DiSanto


The wave of brand new Philly-area professional boxers continues Saturday when local junior bantamweight Dylan Price turns pro at the Bill Ellis Convention Center in Wilson, NC. Price, 18, takes on Wilson native Malcolm Speight, 0-2, in a four round bout. 

Price, born in Philadelphia but now living in Sicklerville, NJ, posted a fine amateur record of 112-13, and was the USA’s top-ranked boxer in his weight class for the past two years. He wrapped up the unpaid chapter of his boxing story last November after competing in the Youth World Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia. Price, a vet of big tournaments and international experience, took the Bronze Medal in the competition, dropping a controversial decision to a Cuban fighter in the semi-final round. 

No doubt the disappointing treatment from the judges factored into Dylan’s decision to turn pro. 

“After we came home, we felt that we accomplished everything we could accomplish in the amateurs and decided to turn professional,” Price said. “We did our thing in the amateur ranks, and now it’s time to do our thing in the professional ranks.”

That decision will vault the young fighter toward a long-held goal. 

“It’s always been my dream to become a pro fighter,” Price said.  “This is something I’ve dreamed of since I was two years old.” 

Although other offers came his way, there wasn’t any hesitation by Dylan to sign a management contract with D and D Management and D and D Promotions.  You see, one of those “D’s” stands for Dave Price, Dylan’s father, who has been guiding his boxing career since its start. 

“I signed with D and D Management and D and D Promotions,” the young fighter said. “We’ll get things started and then see if those other offers are still out there.”  


D and D Management (Dave Price and Doc Nowicki) has been steering area boxing talent for years, with undefeated super middleweight contender Jesse Hart leading their pack of pugilists. 

After a lifetime in the amateurs, Dylan sounds ready for the transition into the pro ranks. 

“The only difference to me is no head gear and the shirt off,” Price said.  “We’ll adapt to that, just like we adapted to all the different changes in the amateurs.  So, I’m not really worried about that.  I’m just focusing on going in there on February 4th and taking care of what I have to take care of.” 

After his debut in North Carolina, Price plans to return to Philadelphia for his second bout, March 31st at the 2300 Arena, and plans to stay active during his rookie year.   

“Four or five fights,” Price said of his plans for 2017.  “I’ll start off at 115, then I’ll go up as time goes on.” 

The announcement of his turning pro came as a surprise to those of us who expected Price to be an amateur for another year or so.  However, that was never Team Price’s plan.  They had a more practical approach to his career time table. 

“It wasn’t when, it was when I was ready,” Price said of the measurement used to determine taking this step.  “And we know we’re ready for sure.” 



Dylan Price, 1-0, 1 KO, won his debut fight by first round knockout.
Feb. 04, 2017 - KO1 (1:01) - Bill Ellis Convention Center - Wilson, NC




John DiSanto - Philadelphia - February 03, 2017