PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                             SOULVILLE A Boxing Novel by Mike Spector


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About the Novel: 

         The night "Battling Moish Moskowitz beat "Midget" Rosenberg at the old Ice Palace on Market Street, Moish viewed success as a simple equation; you didn't have to be smart or gook looking, you just needed to know how to make people laugh or how to fight. That was Philly, 1933.

         Forty-one years later life had gotten complicated. The reign of Jewish champions was over. Boxing was almost exclusively black. Moish still spent every day in the gym, Champs Gym, training a group of fighters including Tyrone Braxton. There's a line between Balcks and Jews that is seldom successfully juggled and never crossed. For Moish, it was like that line didn't exist.

         This is a story about the relationships that developed between old men and young men in a place where one was judged not by wins and losses but rather on perseverance, strength of character, and a willingness to stay in the game. The hype, the hopes, the fears and dreams of Moish, Tyrone, and a cast of characters known as the Baordroom play out across a landscape of smoky arenas, sweaty boxing gyms, early morning breakfasts at Murray's Delicatessen and late night drinks at Loretta's High Hat Lounge. It was a place they called Soulville.

[From the back cover of SOULVILLE]






Author Mike Spector contributed his unabridged text of his new boxing novel "Soulville"
to this web site. Included in our web edition are exclusive photos taken by Mike back
in the great old days of Philadelphia boxing in the 1970s.

We will present the entire novel in monthly installments. However, if you want to order a
paperback copy of the actual novel, you can find it on Amazon. 

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