Philly Boxing History

APRIL 12, 1948



On this day in 1948, Jimmy Bivins, the Cleveland Cleaver, knocked out Billy "Chicken" Thompson at the Philadelphia Arena. The newspaper reports of the day described the fight as a brutal one-sided slaughter. The bout ended in round seven when referee Charley Daggert called an end after Thompson went down for the second time in the round and the sixth time overall. Bivins hammered away at his opponent and succeeded at everything he tried. Chicken showed a valiant heart but little else as he failed to land solidly in the entire bout.

Jimmy Bivins was a superb fighting machine who dreamed of facing Joe Louis for the world heavyweight championship. Although he was named the "Duration Champ" while Louis served in the Army, he didn't face the Brown Bomber until Joe was an ex-champion. Still Louis won the decision. Bivins entered the Hall of Fame in 1999 with a record of 86-25-1 (31 KO).

Chicken Thompson died of ring injuries after his next bout (vs. Johnny Haynes), later that same year. He was just 21. 


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