Philly Boxing History

JULY 12, 1948




On this day in 1948, lightweight king Ike Williams swarmed former two-time champ Beau Jack in round six of their bout at Shibe Park to retain his title by TKO. The pair fought evenly over the first five rounds, but near the end of the fifth, Jack appeared to tire a bit, no doubt a consequence of his struggle to make the 135 pound weight limit. This was not quite the same windmill brawler from the south who tirelessly waged so many memorable all-action wars in the past. And this little let down by Jack was all that a prime Ike Williams needed to gain the advantage. He opened the sixth round with a blistering attack that had Jack helpless. Williams paused a moment and looked to referee Charley Daggert, as if hesitant to administer more punishment. When the referee did not react, Williams blasted Jack with another round of heavy artillery that repeatedly snapped the challenger's head back. With the Beau's legs spongy, Williams once again paused. But Daggert held steady and let the bout go on. Finally Williams let loose for a third time. The attack was deadly enough to make Daggert jump in and end the fight. The time was 33 seconds of round six. Afterward, the always game Beau Jack couldn't understand why the referee had stepped in.

  1917 - George 'KO' Chaney W6 Johnny Dundee at Shibe Park in North Philly (Shibe's 1st fight)
  1920 - Lew Tendler W8 Willie Jackson at Philadelphia Ball Park (Baker Bowl) in North Philly
  1944 - Billy Fox KO4 Baby Kid Chocolate at Batesville, NJ
  1948 - Dan Bucceroni KO4 John Calcinore at Shibe Park in North Philly
  1950 - George Costner W10 Ike Williams at Shibe Park in North Philly
  1950 - Percy Bassett KO7 Terry Young at Shibe Park in North Philly
  1950 - Arthur King W10 Eddie Giosa at Shibe Park in North Philly
  1960 - Benny 'Kid' Paret KO6 Garnet 'Sugar' Hart at Madison Square Garden in New York
  1980 - Jeff Chandler KO4 Gilberto Villacana at Resorts International in Atlantic City
  1980 - Skipper Jones W10 Richie Bennett at Resorts International in Atlantic City