Philly Boxing History

DECEMBER 08, 1951



Frank 'Santa' Bucca was a popular South Philly ring attraction of the lightweight division who faced many fine opponents in his eight-year pro career, compiling a 56-18-4 / 10 KO record along the way. His notable opponents included George LaRover (W8 twice), Wesley Mouzon (KO'd 3), Eddie Giosa (TKO'd 6), Dorsey Lay (W10 & KO'd 9), Honeychile Johnson (W8), Lew Jenkins (KO'd 4), Jimmy Champagne (W6), and Percy Bassett (KO'd 4).

On this day in 1951, Bucca, nicknamed "Blues" thanks to his bright blue eyes, beat Joey Bishop by decision in the 8-round main event at the Cambria A.C. It was Bucca's last fight. Contrary to popular folklore, this Joey Bishop was NOT the popular South Philadelphia entertainer and Rat Pack alum, who supposedly had a few professional bouts before turning to show biz.

  1930 - George Godfrey KO3 Seal Harris II at the Milwaukee Auditorium
  1938 - Bob Montgomery W8 Jackie Sheppard at Atlantic City, NJ
  1941 - Pedro Hernandez W10 Tommy Forte II at the Arena in West Philly
  1941 - Bob Montgomery TKO4 Jimmy Garrison at the Arena in West Philly
  1944 - Billy Fox KO1 Freddy Flores at Madison Square Garden in New York
  1949 - Percy Bassett KO3 Aaron Johnson at Philadelphia
  1950 - Dan Bucceroni KO2 James J. Parker at Madison Square Garden
  1951 - Jimmy Carlini KO6 Steve Cole at the Cambria A.C. in Northeast Philly (Kensington)
  1952 - George Benton KO3 Leroy Coleman at the Trenton Arena
  1956 - Harold Johnson W10 Bert Whitehurst at the Portland (ME) Expo Building
  1973 - Bennie Briscoe KO7 Willie Warren at the Atlantic City Convention Hall
  2012 - Bryant Jennings TKO5 Bowie Tupou at Temple University's McGonigle Hall in North Philly
  2012 - Eric Hunter W10 Jerry Belmontes Temple University's McGonigle Hall in North Philly
  2012 - Jesse Hart W4 Steven Tyner at McGonigle Hall in North Philly (Fight #5, Philly Debut)