PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                     July 11, 2009 - News & Notes


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Former IBF cruiserweight champ Steve Cunningham finally stepped back into the ring Saturday. It was his 1st start since since losing his belt to Tomasz Adamek last December. But it wasn't Steve who was stalling for seven months. Cunningham worked to get a title rematch, or some other high-profile bout. But no go. Here's a guy coming off one of the best fights of 2008, a former champion with a good record, and a Navy vet. But yet, he couldn't land a fight to save his life (or his career). Steve Cunningham is the "all-American boy". Why is it that he was ignored for so long? Don King is his promoter. There is no doubt that King's powerbase has shrunken some in the past few years. But has Don so lost his touch that he can't land a decent fight for a talented, deserving and interesting top contender? It's war time and he's a veteran! Put him on a Navy ship and call the networks. He lost his title in the fight of the year? How about a rematch? I'm no promoter, but it's got to be that easy. In any case, Steve finally got a fight. It was the long-awaited, oft-discussed IBF title eliminator against Wayne Braithwaite. The fight wasn't televised (crazy) but based on reports, it sounds like Steve had a good night, winning a unanimous decision by fairly wide margins. So now he's earned a rematch with Adamek. Although he'll still have to wait, let's hope the rematch can happen now.




John DiSanto - News & Notes - July 11, 2009