PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                  August 28, 2009 - News & Notes


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Tribute to former champ expected in 2010

Artist Carl LeVotch is working away on his miniature version of the statue of Joey Giardello that is scheduled to be dedicated in South Philadelphia in May of 2010. This smaller statue measures just under two feet tall. Although it is not quite finished, the artwork is really taking shape and beginning to foreshadow what the ultimate seven foot version will be like. The prospects are very exciting. LeVotch expects to start work on the big Giardello in September. The statue, which depicts Giardello throwing his right hand, will be placed on a triangle of land at E. Passyunk Ave., S. 13th St. & Mifflin St. This location is just a block away from the old Passyunk Gym, which was Joey's boxing home turf. The base of the statue will pay tribute to other South Philly boxing greats and all the South Philly boxing landmarks, including gyms, arenas, and stadiums where so much of Philadelphia's boxing action played out. For up-to-date info on the statue project, visit




John DiSanto - News & Notes - August 28, 2009