PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                             October 10, 2009 - News & Notes


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South Philly's Rogers Mtagwa proved his doubters dead wrong on Saturday night, when he turned in a thrilling and gutsy performance against budding Puerto Rican superstar, reigning WBO super bantam champ, and heavy betting favorite Juan Manuel Lopez. Mtagwa brawled his way to the very brink in his first crack at the crown, and seemed to be just one punch from glory in the last round. However, that final and decisive blow never came, and Lopez managed to retain his title on points, based on the early rounds he'd banked during the first half of the bout. But Rogers showed himself to be Lopez' worst nightmare. He had the champion hurt several times down the stretch, and knocked Lopez loopy with a wild right to end the 11th. Lopez spent the final three minutes out on his feet, but displayed his grit by somehow navigating his way to the safety of the final bell.  The champ passed a very stiff character test, and Mtagwa turned in another memorable performance - this time against heavy odds that said he could never do it.




John DiSanto - News & Notes - October 10, 2009