PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                                        January 17, 2011


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Lightweight boxer Liz Sherman celebrated the Grand Opening of her new boxing gym Monday (01/17/11) located at Passyunk Avenue & Reed Street. Gym owner Sherman (2-0 as a pro) partnered with her trainer & manager Joey Eye on the venture and named the place Box Gym. The ground floor houses the full boxing gym complete with all the standard tools of the trade including a small floor ring, heavy bags and speed bag station. Downstairs is the "Strength Pit", a complete weight room. The gym offers both boxing and fitness training and offers split hours of operation: 5-9AM and then 3-10PM, Monday thru Friday. In this day when it seems one boxing gym after another closes down, it's great to see a new one open it's doors. The location is great, nestled behind Rita's Water Ice just outside the Italian Market neighborhood. The phone number for the gym is: 215-280-2730.

The exterior of Box Gym

Briscoe looms over the heavy bags.

Equipment includes ropes, ab slings, heavy bags, and jump ropes.

Cutman, trainer, manager, Joey Eye shows Kurt Wolfheimer the gym.

Interior view of the gym.

The ceiling above the ring.

Joey Eye's logo painted on the ring canvas.

The window signs.

Trainer Jimmy Washington works with a young southpaw.

Photos, posters and equipment line the walls.

The red corner.




John DiSanto - News & Notes - January 17, 2011