PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                                        February 11, 2011


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Eddie Chambers returned to the ring for the first time since losing his bid for a world title against Wladimir Klitschko last March. But his fight against Derric Rossy Friday night at Bally's Atlantic City may propel him back at the heavyweight champ. The 12-rounder against Rossy was sanctioned as an IBF elimination bout with the winner earning a mandatory chance at Klitschko.

Eddie won his fight handily, dominating most of the action over the 12 round limit. Chambers even dropped Rossy with a stinging right in round six but could not put his foe away. Chambers piled up the points and launched hard rights all night, but Rossy stayed on his feet.

The fight got off to a fast start, and in the first three sessions or so it appeared the fight might be quite competitive. Rossy took the first round with more activity and by using his size advantages. Rossy cracked Chambers repeatedly in round one as Eddie shook off eleven months worth of rust.

The second and third rounds were close, but Chambers began to put his punches together better and jacked up his work rate. It didn't take long before Rossy began to tire, but he remained in the fight by launching his own bombs throughout. However, most of the time Chambers eluded the punches by leaning straight back from the waist - something he no doubt picked up playing limbo at a hula party. Odd as it looked, the tactic worked and kept him out of serious danger. Chambers did pick up a few bumps and bruises along the way, but nothing of major concern.

The knockdown occurred in round six, and for a moment it appeared that Chambers would better the result he produced in their first battle back in 2007 when he halted Rossy in round seven to take the vacant USBA title. But Rossy climbed the ropes and returned to the action. Near the bell, Chambers wobbled his durable foe with a left hook.

They fought on like this for the remainder of the fight, with Chambers always just a little faster, busier, fresher and harder punching. Rossy collected a slice along his left eye along the way. It bled but never threatened to cause a stoppage to the bout.

In round ten, Chambers strayed low with an uppercut which drew a warning from referee Eddie Cotton and gave Rossy a much needed break. The fight resumed a few minutes later and coasted into the final two rounds. Chambers won the stretch rounds easily as Rossy was clearly winded.

The bell sounded to end the fight with Chambers way ahead on my card: 119-108. The official judges all scored for Chambers, 115-112, 117-110 and 120-107.

The victory raised Chambers' record to 37-2 with 18 KOs and will apparently improve his ranking from the #4 spot that he entered the ring with. Chambers weighed 208 pounds for the fight. Rossy, 237.5 pounds, fell to 25-3 with 14 KOs. Two of his losses are to Chambers.

It was a workmanlike performance by Chambers, who was clearly rusty after almost one year off. Even if he could not produce the KO that seemed to be in his grasp most of the night, he did dominate the fight on points. It was a careful and strategic win that seemed to employ the old George Benton motto of "win this one and look good in the next one". Eddie did what he had to do and came out with the career-important victory that keeps him in the hunt for another heavyweight title shot.




John DiSanto - Atlantic City - February 11, 2011