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2010 Philly Fight of the Year & 2010 Philly Fighter of the Year

It is time again to cast your vote for the 2010 Briscoe Awards. As usual two categories are up for grabs: "2010 Philly Fight of the Year" and "2010 Philly Fighter of the Year".  The awards will be presented in October. 

You may vote for both awards via e-mail by following the "VOTE" link at the bottom of the page, or by visiting







Cruiserweight  -  West Philly

Total bouts in 2010: One (1)
Record in 2010: 1-0 with 1 KO
Overall Record at the End of 2010: 23-2 / 12 KOs
Win percentage of Competition: 96% (23-1)
Titles Won in 2010: Vacant World IBF Cruiserweight
2010 Titles Defenses: None

2010 Activity:

TKO5 Troy Ross (23-1 / 16 KO) - Muelheim, GER, Jun. 5th
(Regained  IBF cruiserweight title)

In his only bout of the year, Steve Cunningham won a world title belt in 2010. It doesn't get better than that. In the entire history of Philadelphia boxing, only 29
men can make the claim of being a world champ, and this was Cunningham's second trip to the top.



Junior Middleweight  -  Germantown

Total bouts in 2010: Three (3)
Record in 2010: 3-0 with 1 KO
Overall record at the End of 2010: 22-2-1 / 13 KOs
Win percentage of Competition: 65% (44-24-3)
Titles Won in 2010: None
2010 Title Defenses: USBA (1x)

2010 Activity:
TKO5 Edwin Vasquez (22-14-2 / 8 KO) - Blue Horizon, Feb. 5th

W10 Jose Gonzalez (13-6-1 / 11 KO) - Blue Horizon, Apr. 2nd

W12 Gabriel Rosado (14-4 / 8 KO) - South Philly Arena, Jul. 30th
(USBA Title Defense)

Derek Ennis fought and won three times during the year. Two of these fights were nominated as the "Philly Fight of the Year". He defeated Gabriel Rosado in the biggest local event of 2010 and in doing so, earned an IBF world ranking.




Junior Welterweight  -  North Philly

Total Bouts in 2010: Four (4)
Record in 2010: 4-0 with 2 KOs
Overall record at the End of 2010: 19-0 / 13 KOs
Win percentage of Competition: 76% (82-20-6)
Titles Won: Vacant Interim WBC Youth World Welterweight Title
Titles Defenses: None

2010 Activity:
W10 Ashley Theophane (25-3-1 / 7 KO) - El Paso, Feb. 26th

TKO7 Christopher Fernandez (18-9-1 / 11 KO) - South Philly Arena, May 7th

TKO9 Jorge Romero (17-2 / 15 KO) - Cancun, Jul 30th
(Won Interim WBC Youth World Welterweight Title)

                KO4 Mike Arnoutis (22-6-2 / 10 KO) - South Philly Arena, Oct. 8th

Danny Garcia continued his climb toward the big time and further polished his golden skills. He stepped up the level of his competition in 2010, faced some solid pros, and won a "youth world title" along the way. 




Welterweight  -  North Philly

Total Bouts in 2010: Four (4)
Record in  2010: 4-0 with 2 KOs
Overall record at the End of 2010: 23-0 / 18 KO)
Win percentage of Competition: 81% (87-13-8)
Titles Won: NABO & WBC Continental Americas
Title Defenses: NABA (4x), NABO (2x)

2010 Activity:
W10 Henry Bruseles (28-3-1 / 15 KO), Atlantic City, Feb. 24th
(NABA Title Defense)

TKO5 Hector Munoz (18-2-1 / 11 KO) - Atlantic City, Apr. 17th
(Won NABO Title; NABA Defense)

                KO5 Irving Garcia (17-4-3 / 8 KO) - Atlantic City, Jul. 9th
(NABA, NABO Title Defense)

                W10 Jesus Soto Karass (24-4-3 / 16 KO) - Arlington, Nov. 13th
(Won WBC  Continental Americas Title; NABA, NABO Title Defense)

Philly's most celebrated rising prospect remained undefeated and fought his way to a Top-5 world ranking in all the major sanctioning bodies (IBF, WBC, WBA, WBO). Jones won two regional belts during the year and defended the one he already had four times.




You may vote for your selections by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and sending us an e-mail. You can vote for both categories (Fighter & Fight) in the same e-mail. Once the final selections have been made, the winners will be announced on this web site, as well as Facebook and Twitter.









January 15, 2010 - South Philly Arena
6 Round Main Event

Stakes:  North Philly bragging rights

Records Going In:
Vasquez  10-3-0 / 4 KO;  Dailey 4-7-0 / 1 KO

Promoter: Power Productions (Greg Robinson)

THE FIGHT: The first fight of 2010 was also one of the year's best.  The six-rounder unfolded into a brisk and messy brawl right from the get-go. Dailey took the first two rounds and even wobbled Victor mid-way through the second.  The punishment clicked on Vasquez' brawler switch, and he came roaring back.  A few rounds later he'd fought his way into the lead, but it wasn't easy.  Dailey kept catching Vasquez and often pressed him to the ropes.  But Victor fought back and kept control of the close-quarters brawl.  In the fifth, Vasquez sliced Dailey over the right eye.  With both men cut, the blood was everywhere.  In the sixth, Dailey kept up the pressure, but Vasquez had the answers. His right uppercut landed twice.  The first one wobbled Dailey, and the second staggered him.  The barrage that followed forced Referee Hurley McCall to stop the bout in the final round.  The crowd loved every minute of the battle. 





April 02, 2010 - Blue Horizon
10 Round Main Event

Stakes: Ennis' ranking and career forward motion

Records Going In:
Ennis 20-2-1 / 12 KO;  Gonzalez 13-6-1 / 11 KO

Promoter: Blue Horizon Boxing Promotions (Vernoca Michael)

THE FIGHT: It was a ridiculously entertaining fight that shifted momentum several times, and in the end the decision could have gone either way. The fight started with a memorable first round. The pace was fast, and both boxers landed their shots repeatedly. Ennis had the edge with his uppercut and left hook in this opening chapter.  But the round was just a signal of things to come.  Gonzalez rebounded beautifully in the second. He tagged and stunned Ennis a couple of times, and appeared to take control.  As the grueling fight continued, a pattern emerged. Gonzalez was usually the aggressor and had a better work rate, but Ennis was landing brilliant, quick and accurate combinations.  When it was over, the decision was razor thin and it was clear this one was a real candidate for 2010  Philly Fight of the Year. 





April 30, 2010 - South Philly Arena
8 Round Main Event

Stakes: Bragging rights for the Philly's top crowd-pleaser

Records Going In:
Vasquez 11-4-0 / 5 KO; Fernandez 5-2-1 / 3 KO

Promoter:  KEA Boxing Promotions (Andre Kut)

THE FIGHT: This fight was a glorious bloodbath.  In the second round, the two shaven heads smashed together about a minute and a half into the round.  Fernandez' dome was better placed and Vasquez backed away from the clash with blood streaming from above his left eye.  The incident was accidental, but the result favored Fernandez greatly.  For the remainder of the fight, the cut steadily streamed blood.  It never stopped, not even between rounds.  Even crack cut man Joey Eye, who usually waves his Q-tip like a magic wand, could not stop the bleeding this time, and Vasquez had to deal with the deficit all night.  But it never stopped him from biting down and pressing forward.  It was a no-frills slugfest. They stayed on the inside and threw punches.  Both worked hard trying to establish the lead.  After 8 rounds, each of the three officials saw something different, and the result was a split decision draw. Rematch talks have circulated ever since the final bell. 





July 30, 2010 - South Philly Arena
12 Round Main Event

Stakes: Ennis' USBA title; an IBF world ranking

Records Going In:
Ennis 21-2-1 / 12 KO; Rosado 14-4-0 / 8 KO

Promoter:  Peltz Boxing Promotions (J Russell Peltz)

THE FIGHT: Derek Ennis retained his USBA junior middleweight championship with a rousing 12-round majority decision over Gabriel Rosado in this high-level contest before a frenzied crowd.  It was a fight that brought to mind the great old days of Philadelphia boxing when the city's best boxers fought each other simply to prove that they were the best.  The dramatic contest had the crowded arena on its feet throughout the bout, alternately cheering for each man. In the end, Ennis came away with the victory.  Both fighters produced a battle so beautiful and entertaining that it had the old timers wondering if perhaps they do make them like they used to. Rosado started fast and displayed his strength and power in the opening three rounds.  Ennis smartly boxed his way back in the middle rounds, and built himself a nice lead.  But Rosado came roaring back in the final act for one last run at the title.  He made it a war and almost claimed the prize with his aggression and body attack.  But in the last round, just as Rosado seemed to have the champ right where he wanted him, Ennis landed a bomb that wobbled the challenger, but didn't stop him from attacking.  The two fired away until the final bell made them stop.  It was terrific performance by both, and a memorable night for all who witnessed it. 



You may vote for your selections by clicking the link below and sending us an e-mail. You can vote for both categories (Fighter & Fight) in the same e-mail. Once the final selections have been made, the winners will be announced on this web site, as well as Facebook and Twitter.




John DiSanto - The Briscoe Awards - July 11, 2011