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By Ken Hissner


Patrick “The Machine” Majewski, 19-1 (13 KO), of Atlantic City, won the vacant NABF middleweight title Saturday night at Bally’s in Atlantic City, NJ, when Chris Fitzpatrick, 15-2 (6 KO), of Cleveland, OH, wasn’t permitted to continue due to a deep cut on his left eye brow. The fight was halted by the ring physician at the end of the 5th round.   

The corners and fans were not too happy at the Peltz Promotion when the fight was stopped. Majewski’s corner felt cheated and surprised at the stoppage, when Fitzpatrick, who also wanted the fight to continue, walked over to congratulate Majewski. Fitzpatrick’s corner made quite a scene at the stoppage. It seems the cut was caused by an accidental clash of heads in the second round.  

Referee Earl Morton pointed to the head but nothing was announced. If this was the case, they should have gone to the score cards at the end of the 5th. Majewski appeared to win four of the five rounds, if not all five, and was in complete command of the fight. 

Adding to the controversy was the fact that the fifth was probably Fitzpatrick’s best round of the fight. “I knew I started slow but was coming on and wanted to continue. This is a fight and shouldn’t be stopped for a mere cut,” said Fitzpatrick.  

“I want to thank my fans for coming out and supporting me," said Majewski. "I’m sorry the fight was stopped this way but am happy to have won the title."

Born in Radom, Poland, Majewski is a fan favorite in his now hometown of Atlantic City. Going into the fight, he was the number 12 contender; Fitzpatrick was ranked number 9 by the NABF. The win should put Majewski in the WBC’s top 20.  

Osnel Charles (left) and Raphael Luna (right)
Photo courtesy of P. Markowski

The best fight on the undercard featured Atlantic City lightweight Osnel “Prince” Charles, 9-3-1 (1 KO), formerly of Haiti, fighting to a split 6-round draw with Raphael Luna, 4-5-2 (1 KO), of Albany, NY.  Charles started with a strong body attack but was caught by an over hand right just prior to the bell ending the second round. In the 4th and 5th rounds both fighters mixed it up well. At different times during round five, each fighter took turns scoring half a dozen punches without return from the other.  

Luna gained the draw by winning the last two rounds on this writers score card, which agreed with judge Joe Pasquale's 57-57 score. John McKaie had it 58-56 for Luna and George Hill scored 58-56 for Charles. The referee was Alan Huggins.  Both fighters called for a rematch each wanting it for eight rounds next time.  Matchmakers J Russell Peltz and Brittany Rogers have a good one here to put on again.  

Naim Nelson (left) and Esteban Rodriguez (right)
Photo courtesy of Peltz Boxing / Chris Toney

Naim “The Dream” Nelson, 7-0 (1 KO), of Philadelphia, remained unbeaten by defeating Esteban Rodriguez, 5-2-1 (1), now out of Lebanon, PA, formerly of Puerto Rico. The scores were lopsided for Nelson with Pasquale calling it 60-54, while Hill and McKaie had it 59-55, all for Nelson. Though Nelson was a clear winner Rodriguez was in there all the way every round.   

Nelson had a perfect first round mixing it up well with body and head punches. Rodriguez was much stiffer with his posture and wasn’t able to land the more effective punches that Nelson was. Nelson is a solid prospect managed by Jim Williams and Doc Nowicki. 

“This was my toughest fight,” said Nelson. It was the first time Marshall Kauffman worked the corner of Rodriguez, who was making a return to the ring after three years. He will be back. Higgins was the referee.  

DeAndre Phillips (left) and Anthony Prescott (right)
Photo courtesy of Peltz Boxing / Chris Toney

The show started off with an explosive knockout by Anthony Prescott, of Cherry Hill, NJ, 1-0 (1 KO), over DeAndre Phillips, 0-1, of Philadelphia, at 0:21 of the second round. Prescott had Phillips out, and hit him on the way down as Phillips knee may have been touching the canvas. It took about ten minutes to revive Phillips. It was the debut for both fighters in the welterweight division. Referee Higgins immediately waved it off.  

Jesse Hart (left) and Steven Chadwick (right)
Photo courtesy of Peltz Boxing / Chris Toney

Super Middleweight former Olympic alternate Jesse “Hard Work” Hart, 2-0 (2 KO), of Philadelphia, continued his winning ways with another 1st round knockout when the corner of Steven Chadwick, 0-4, of Jacksonville, FL, threw in the towel at 2:38 of the round after two knockdowns, and just before Hart was about to score another. Randy Neumann was the referee. 

In Hart, Dave Price and Doc Nowicki have a real prospect for their D&D Management team. Hart is now trained by his father, Eugene “Cyclone” Hart who scored knockouts in his first 19 fights. Young Hart has a way to go if that knockout string is on his mind, but he is a talent to watch.  

Mojeed Okedara (left) and Lavarn Harvell (right)
Photo courtesy of Peltz Boxing / Chris Toney

Atlantic City light heavyweight Lavarn “Baby Bowe” Harvell, 12-0 (7 KO), had an easy time of it stopping Mojeed Okedara, 9-6 (8 KO), formerly of Nigeria, now out of Silver Spring, MD, at 2:27 of the 1st round. Harvell scored a knockdown and drove Okedara into the bottom strand of the ropes for a second knockdown. Referee Neumann wisely halted the match. It was the US debut for Okedara, a former Nigerian two-division champ.  

Dan Biddle (left) and Pedro Martinez (right)
Photo courtesy of Peltz Boxing / Chris Toney

Dan “Bada Bing” Biddle, 9-2 (5 KO), of Hockessin, DE, and Pedro Martinez, 6-6 (4 KO), of Philadelphia, slugged it out for six rounds in a heavyweight match. Martinez rocked Biddle in the 3rd with a left uppercut to the chin. In the 4th they had the crowd on their feet when Biddle had Martinez out on his feet at the bell.   

In the 6th and final round, Biddle countered well until Martinez took over in a rally that may have earned him a 57-57 draw on this writer’s card. Judge Pasquale had it 57-57, while McKaie and Hill had it 58-56 for Biddle. Higgins was the referee. 

Mark Rideout (left) and Randy Easton (right)
Photo courtesy of Peltz Boxing / Chris Toney

Former heavyweight PA Golden Gloves champ Mark Rideout, 1-0, of Philadelphia, won a 4-round majority decision over Randy Easton, 0-1-1, of Williamsport, PA. Rideout easily won the first two rounds by boxing, but went inside with Easton and split the last two rounds. This writer had it 39-37 for Rideout as did judges Pasquale and Hill. McKaie had it 38-38. Neumann was the referee.  

Peltz will come back on September 21st at the Sands Casino Resort, in Bethlehem, PA, with Bethlehem’s unbeaten Ronald Cruz on top. 




Ken Hissner - Special Contributor - July 07, 2012