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By John DiSanto


In the middle of setting up a gym visit with South Philly's Hank Lundy, I read on Fight News that Lundy's "former" manager Ivan Cohen was attempting to stop Hank's upcoming junior welterweight title shot against Lucas Matthysse.

Lundy and Cohen have argued the status of the management contract between them for quite a while now. Cohen claims to me Lundy's "legal manager", while Lundy claims the relationship has been terminated.

In any case, when Lundy returned my call about us getting together at the gym for an interview, I couldn't help but ask the natural quote machine for a comment about the Fight News story and Cohen's statement. 

Lundy said, "This guy (Cohen) is just trying to back his way in to the fight, and make himself relevant. He doesn't have a leg to stand on. One thing's certain, the fight (with Matthysse) is going to happen on January 26th."

Stay tuned for more. Hank Lundy fights are ALWAYS entertaining - inside the ring and out.


Editor's Note:
Below is the original statement released by Ivan Cohen,
and run by FightNews on 12/20/12:

Lundy-Matthysee in jeopardy?

The proposed January bout between WBC interim super lightweight champion Lucas Matthysse(32-2, 30 KOs) and world ranked lightweight Henry Lundy (22-2-1, 20 KOs) appears not to be as finalized as some may have thought. Lundy’s Manager Ivan Cohen released the following statement to

“I just want to clear the air about some things in terms of Hank Lundy and the news that he is supposed to be fighting Matthysse in January. First of all I am the legal Manager of Hank Lundy and have been since July 29th, 2010. I was never informed of or have seen a contract for this fight. I dont want this fight to happen anyways because its a horrible fight for Lundy and one he will lose for sure. Hank should be fighting at 135 pounds where he was ranked number 1 in the world prior to losing his last fight with Raymundo Beltran. Speaking of that fight I did not approve that fight and look what happened. The only reason the Lundy-Beltran fight was not stopped by the judge was that the judge ruled that the paperwork of promoter Boxing360 was in order but the filing of the paperwork the week of the fight was too short of notice. So he could not order that the fight be stopped. The proper paperwork has since being filed and that matter is on track now to being handled.”

Source: - 12/20/12


Editor's Note:
Below is an update story run by Fight News on 12/28/12:

Lundy out, Dallas in vs. Matthysse initially broke the news on December 20th that the proposed Showtime Championship Boxing televised fight between WBC interim super lightweight champion Lucas Matthysse (32-2, 30 KOs) and lightweight contender Henry Lundy (22-2-1, 20 KOs) was in jeaopardy. Lundy released his own statement that same day stating that the fight was on, but the fight is now officially off with contender Mike Dallas (19-2-1, 8 KOs) replacing Lundy. Ivan Cohen who is the legal manager of Lundy was against not only this fight between Lundy and Matthysse happening but also Lundy’s last fight which he lost to Raymundo Beltran which lundy took without Cohen’s consent of signing off on the contract. Cohen said the only reason the Lundy-Beltran fight was not stopped was because the court judge ruled that the paperwork of promoter Boxing360 was in order but the filing of the paperwork the week of the fight was too short of notice to stop the fight. Cohen also went on to say that the proper paperwork had since been filed. Per Cohen, his legal contract with Lundy states that no promotional or fight contracts can be signed by Lundy without him being present and without Cohen signing the contract as well. Per the Pennsylvania Athletic Comission website Cohen is the legal manager of record for Lundy.

Source: - 12/28/12





John DiSanto - News & Notes - December 20, 2012