PHILLY BOXING HISTORY  -  March 17, 2014


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by John DiSanto
Photos by Emily Harney


Julian Williams scored an impressive 3rd round KO over veteran Freddy Hernandez, Monday night in Boston, MA. The fight was the main event at the House of Blues and was nationally televised live on Fox Sports 1. For Williams it was another big step in his rise up the junior middleweight ladder, and the latest in his streak of important victories over increasingly tough competition. Williams had a great 2013, and this fight started his 2014 with a bang.

Williams came out for round one, dressed for the St. Patrick's Day holiday in his Green and white trunks, and floored Hernandez with the first serious punch that he threw. Julian fired a sharp right hand that crash-landed on Hernandez' jaw and the Mexican vet toppled to the canvas.

Freddy Hernandez is a seasoned pro who has been in with extremely tough competition. he's seen it all before. So it was no surprise that he climbed to his feet and fought on.

However, this fight was almost over. 

Williams went back to work, but did not rush in for the kill. The West Philadelphian has a cool and calm demeanor, inside the ring and out. Against Hernandez, he respected his opponent's experienced and carefully continued boxing.

The first rounded ended and in round two, Williams resumed his composed attack, jabbing and firing occasional overhand rights. Williams stalked for the remainder of the round, feeling for openings with his steady left and a fact-finding right uppercut. In the final minute of the second, Williams heightened the pace and reddened his opponent's face. 

Round three began and Williams went right at Hernandez. After missing a right, Rock drilled his foe with a short, vicious left hook on the inside and Hernandez tumbled to he mat.

Hernandez rolled over to his knees, but could not beat the count. Referee Leo Gerstel reached the count of ten at 35 seconds of round three.

The loss dropped Hernandez' record to 30-7 with 20 KOs.

This was a terrific victory for Williams, 15-0-1,  and served as further proof that, at this moment, the young boxer is one of Philly's very best prospects. Besides his obvious skills, Williams has a quiet but lethal attitude in the ring. The most exciting part is that at 23, he's probably only going to get better. 2014 should be an interesting year for him. 




John DiSanto - Boston (via Fox Sports 1) - March 17, 2014
Photos by Emily Harney