PHILLY BOXING HISTORY  -  April 24, 2014


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Story by Ken Hissner


Bantamweight Miguel "No Fear" Cartagena, 12-1 (5), of Philly lost for the first time as southpaw Timur "Here Comes Trouble" Shailezov, 17-7 (4), Bishkek, Kyrgystan, pulled off the upset at 1:56 of the third, in a scheduled six rounds. Cartagena's corner threw in the towel to prevent their fighter from taking any more punishment. Eddie Claudio was the referee.

In the opening round Shailezov took Cartagena to the canvas by force, and landed on him. Cartagena may have hurt his leg and back of his head [on the fall]. The referee gave no warning to Shailezov.

Cartagena had little movement in the bout, taking several lefts to the head from southpaw Shailezov. In the second round, Shailezov landed several lead rights to the head of Cartagena.

In the third, Shailezov was unloading against Cartagena who was bleeding heavily from the nose and mouth. Miguel had a point taken away for holding when he was badly hurt.

Cartagena never recovered from the initial take down by Shailezov.

[Editor's note: Both fighters took this fight on very short notice. Three days prior to the date, neither was booked for the fight. Cartegena, part of the Club 57 Management team, last fought one month ago in Chester, PA, while Shailezov, now under Diesel Fit Boxing Management, hadn't fought in more than one year. This is the second consecutive upset for Diesel Fit Boxing. Last month, Diesel's Pedro Martinez surprised Tony Ferrante in Chester.]

Bryant Defeats Saunders

In the main event, light heavyweight Rowland Bryant, 18-3 (12), Altamonte Springs, FL, defeated Rayco "War" Saunders, 23-23-2 (10), of Pittsburgh, PA, over 8 rounds.

Saunders lost seven of his last eight fights coming into this one, but put up a good fight. The first three rounds were close with Bryant having an edge. In the fourth round, Rowland was unloading on Saunders in the corner but let him off the hook. In the sixth round, a right uppercut rocked Saunders who came right back after Bryant.

In the seventh, Bryant hurt Saunders landing a dozen punches before Saunders came back hurting Bryant just prior to the bell. In the eighth and final round, Saunders knew he needed a knockout to win, while Bryant just backed around the ring doing little in return. The referee was Gary Rosato. Judge Bruni had it 80-72, Morgan 80-72 and Somma 78-74. [Hissner scored it 78-74.]

Lightweight Dennis Galarza, 3-0 (2), of Miami, FL, stopped Abraham Rubio, 4-4-1 (1), of Senora, MEX, at 1:12 of the first round in a scheduled four rounder. One left hook had dropped Rubio when referee Rosato called a halt. It was the fourth straight first-round knockout loss for Rubio and should have never been approved by the commission. Galarza is signed with Iron Mike Promotions.

Lightweight Rolando “The Iron Man” Chinea, 7-0-1 (4), of Lancaster, PA, defeated southpaw Ronnie “Uh-O” Reams, 4-4 (1), of Colorado Springs, CO, over six dull rounds.

Chinea was trying, but Reams was holding throughout most of the fight. Reams had a bloody nose in the fourth while Chinea landed several right hands to the face of Reams. In the sixth and final round, Chinea was still trying to nail a unwilling Reams. Morgan and Dali had it 60-54, Somma 59-55. [Hissner scored it 60-54.]

Junior welterweight Sam Quinones, Jr., 6-2 (2), of York, PA, easily defeated Carlos Lopez 4-4 (0), over six rounds.

In the first two rounds, Quinones was the aggressor with little exchanges. In the third, Quinones had Lopez holding on several times from left hooks to the body. In the fourth round, Quinones landed several overhand rights to the head of a defensive-minded Lopez. In the sixth and final round, Quinones landed five straight punches, pinning Lopez to the ropes. Lopez did little offensively. The judges had it 60-54, 60-54. The referee was Claudio. [Hissner scored it 59-55.]

In the opening bout, debuting southpaw Erik Spring, 1-0 (0), of Reading, PA, won by majority decision over Lionel Charles, 0-2 (0), of New York, NY, over four rounds in the middleweight division.

Southpaw Spring rocked Charles several times with lead lefts in the first round. In the second, Charles found the range better, mixing it up with Spring who continued with the straight lead left. In the third, Charles rocked Spring, who came back and rocked Charles in an all out slugfest. Spring’s nose was bleeding, but he fought back. In the fourth and final round, Spring was rocked Charles with a straight left. Charles drove him into the ropes, as both let it all hang out at the bell.

The judge’s scores were Morgan, 39-37, Bruni, 39-37, Deli, 38-38, to winner Spring, in his debut. Referee was Rosato.  [Hissner scored it 39-37.]

Welterweight Arturo Trujillo, 5-0 (3), of Easton, PA, scored a knockdown and then stopped Kevin “The Scarecrow” Womack, Jr., 4-5 (2), Baltimore, MD, in round three of a scheduled four rounder.

Southpaw Trujillo did the chasing as Womack moved and put out an occasional jab. Trujillo landed several lefts to the chin with little effect on Womack.

In the second round, Trujillo finally caught up with Womack landing half a dozen punches. In the third, Trujillo landed a combination that hurt Womack. He chased him into a corner and unloaded on Womack, who dropped to a knee. Womack got up limping, and the referee Franciosis waved it off at 2:05 of the round. Womack is 0-4-1 in his last 5 fights. All of Trujillo’s fights have been at the Sands in Bethlehem.

This was an Iron Mike Promotion with Chris Middendorf as matchmaker. Former world heavyweight champ Mike Tyson was not in attendance. Mike Mittman and Larry Holmes were at ringside doing the announcing for the cable TV broadcast.




Ken Hissner - Bethlehem, PA - April 24, 2014