PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - March 23, 2015  
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Philadelphia - Anthony Molock’s stage play “Gypsy Joe Harris,” follows the life of Joe Harris, a man who rose to the pinnacle of the boxing world and just as quickly fell to the depths of despair and hopelessness.  The biographical story follows the ups-and-downs of the legendary boxer’s career and personal life.  This one night debut takes place on Saturday April 11, at 8:00 p.m., at the Ethical Society Center of Philadelphia.

Performance Schedule:
Saturday April 11, 2015, 8pm
The Ethical Society of Philadelphia
1906 S. Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tickets: $25 (Search: Gypsy Joe)

In the world premiere of Gypsy Joe Harris, Gypsy Joe is a man of unfulfilled destiny; always one step away from the true greatness he sought. While battling the likes of Curtis Cokes, Stanley "Kitten" Hayward, and boxing legend Emile Griffith, Gypsy Joe Harris compiled a professional ring record of 24-1. What separated him from all the rest, was the fact that most of his fighting career, and virtually all of his professional career, he fought blind in one eye!

Joe Harris (played by Marc Johnson, “The North Star”, “Chase Street”, commercial spots: Under Armour and Ford Motor Company).  Yank Durham (played by Marc Jean) and  Willie Reddish (played by Eric Carter) build a team that manages to land Gypsy on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but as fear, jealousy and greed rears its ugly head, Helen Molock (played by Lynia Love, “cohost/co-producer of the Happy Hour with Chase internet radio show,  “Love Him or Leave Him”,  “Last Love Lost”), Gypsy’s hard-nosed mother and his sister Milky (played by Asia Weatherford) worry that the future of the one eyed boxer is in question. 

Written by Anthony Molock, directed by Karen Vicks, “The First Breeze of Summer”, produced by Daaiyah Waheed, Kameelah Waheed and Anthony Molock, “Gypsy Joe" centers on the complicated relationships in and out of the ring.  As the plot thickens trainers Yank and Willie become concerned on the return of their investment.  Although he was still able to outclass his opponents with a lifestyle that consisted of indulging in fast food, fast women and fast cars, a security measure still had to be set in place.

After Mr. Harris is banned from boxing when the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission discovered that he was blind in his right eye, the unraveling of a legacy began.  Gypsy Joe entertained audiences with his flashy wardrobe and fancy footwork for the last time on August 6, 1968. 

“Gypsy Joe” features Philadelphia actors Marc Johnson, Marc Jean, Eric Carter, Lynia Love, and Asia Weatherford - each are well-rounded performers from the City of Philadelphia - with the exclusion of Camden City actors Esiyah Waheed and a young 12-year old Raynard Debose making his theatre debut.

The creative team includes Angelena Adams (stage manager) Carol McKenzie (production assistant) Baratunde (sound), and Kia James (costumes).

This production is recommended for all audiences.

Performance Schedule:
Saturday April 11, 2015, 8pm
The Ethical Society of Philadelphia
1906 S. Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tickets: $25
www. (Search: Gypsy Joe)

About Anthony Molock:
Gypsy Joe Harris’ younger brother Anthony Molock was an elementary school teacher in Camden, NJ for eighteen years, Rome, GA for five years and is presently teaching in the Atlanta Public School System.  He is the author of four books:  Son of Philadelphia; Coco Goes Bald; The Adventures of Coco Pelou and Swamp Diamond.

About Daaiyah Waheed:
Daaiyah Waheed, the older sister of Gypsy Joe, is a retired employee of the Camden City School District. The family matriarch and well-liked community member resides in Philadelphia with her husband.




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