PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - July 22, 2015                                                              
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Story & photos by John DiSanto


Danny Garcia and Steve Cunningham held adjoining media workouts Wednesday in advance of their separate nationally televised PBC fights, both scheduled for August. The double-exhibition was held at Garciaís DSG Boxing Gym in Philadelphia. 

Cunningham, 28-7, 13 KOs, a former two-time cruiserweight champion, faces former multi-champion Antonio Tarver, 31-6, 22 KOs, in a 12-round heavyweight fight on August 14th, at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. The fight will be broadcast live by Spike TV. 

STEVE CUNNINGHAM:  ďMy back is to the wall. I want to be heavyweight world champion. I got to make money for my family. Iím trying to be great in this sport.  Beating guys like this makes me great.  My back has always been against the wall; even with two world titles."

"I just prepare.  What weíve done is prepare for the best Tarver that weíve ever seen.  Thatís the Tarver Iím expecting to see.  The best Tarver that we know is the Tarver that stopped Roy Jones.  If thatís not the Tarver we see, then heís in trouble, plain and simple.Ē 

Former junior welterweight champion, Danny Garcia, 30-0, 17 KOs, appeared next.  Garcia faces former champion Paulie Malignaggi, 33-6, 7 KOs, on August 1st, at the Barclayís Center in Brooklyn, NY, just days before heís scheduled to become a new father.  The fight, televised by ESPN2, will be Garciaís first foray into the ring as a full-fledged welterweight and his fifth appearance at Barclayís. 

ďAugust is a big month for me.  So, Iím just preparing myself mentally and physically for the best.  First Iíve got Paulie Malignaggi on August 1st.  Iím training hard and Iím prepared.  And then a couple of days later Ė hopefully the baby donít come the day of the fight, hopefully it comes on August 11th, when itís supposed to come Ė Iíll become a father.Ē 

ďThe sky is the limit at 147 for me.  I feel a lot stronger.  Before at 140, Iíd be coming to the gym just to lose weight, checking my weight three, four times a day.  Feeling weak, pushing myself, feeling hungry.  But now Iím able to eat the right nutrition.  My legs are there.  Iím a lot faster.  I have more agility, and Iím able to think more.  So, I think itís all going to fall into place on August 1st.Ē 




John DiSanto - Philadelphia - July 22, 2015