PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - September 02, 2015  
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Story b
y John DiSanto
Photos by Darryl Cobb, Jr.


Super middleweight prospect Jesse ďHard WorkĒ Hart, 17-0, 14 KOs, the son of Philly boxing legend Eugene ďCycloneĒ Hart, faces Aaron Pryor, Jr, 19-8-1, 12 KOs, the son of Hall of Famer Aaron Pryor, next Friday night (September 11th), at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, in a 10-round bout for Hartís USBA title belt.  The fight will be televised live by TruTV. 

Hart held an open media workout Wednesday at the Joe Hand Boxing Gym in Philadelphia.  He leaves for Las Vegas on Monday. 

As if the stakes werenít high enough Ė the USBA title, career momentum, and perhaps a future world title bout hanging in the balance Ė both fighters will be looking to defend their individual family legacies and claim the unusual bragging rights as the ďbest son of a former greatĒ.   

ďI think itís great,Ē Hart said of fighting another boxing legendís son.  ďBut I also think that weíre making our own legacy.  But you have two fightersí sons that come from that 15-round era.  You got bloodlines that come from that 15-round era of fighting.  Thatís remarkable in itself.  Aaron Pryor comes from that 15-round era.  My dad comes from that 15-round era.  Anytime youíve got two sons coming from that 15-round era, you can always expect fireworks.  You got to expect that.Ē 

With everything thatís on the line, including Hartís undefeated record, the son of the Philly Cyclone, is looking to make a statement in this fight. 

ďIím looking for the knockout,Ē Hart said.  ďYes.  Thatís one thing Iím looking for.  Iím not going to stand here and lie and say Iím not.  Iím going to box smart, but just know, Iím looking.  If I see any opportunity, Iím going to take it.  And thatís just what itís going to be.  Iím not going to let up until I have it.  I donít care whose son he is, and I donít care what his name is.  Thatís one thing about that ring.  When I get in there, all thatís out the window.  Iím looking to bring you to your demise.  Hit you with one shot, and thatís what it is.  Iím going to do it smartly.  Iím going to set it up, weíre definitely going to set a lot of shots up, but Iím looking for the knockout.Ē 




John DiSanto - Philadelphia - September 02, 2015