PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - December 19, 2015  
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Ortiz-Jennings Post Fight Press Conference Quotes

Story by John DiSanto
Photos by Boxing Bob Newman


Moments after Luis Ortiz scored his exciting seventh round TKO of Bryant Jennings, both fighters addressed the press.

”This is a big victory for me. It’s a big victory because of who I fought. I fought a quality heavyweight, a guy with a name. A guy that can fight, and a guy with cojones.”

“Obviously there is a game plan, but when you go up in the ring you have to adapt a little bit. I told my trainers that I saw a lot of flaws. One of the things I noticed was that he likes to lean forward a lot. So I said after the third round that I was going to fight him on the inside, and the uppercuts are going to work.”

“I was a little bit surprised (that he got up from the knockdown), but I knew that he wasn’t right mentally. I didn’t want a TKO, I wanted to knock him out.”

“When I’m the ultimate world champion that will be my best victory. This is just my job and I train hard in the gym. What I’m trying to accomplish is to accomplish my dream. Ever since I saw my first fight, which was Muhammad Ali on a small, dingy TV back in Cuba, my dream has always been to be the heavyweight champion.”

“Line them up. You line them up, I’ll fight them all. I invite everyone to come fight me on HBO.”

“Obviously we are going to go for the biggest fight for him. Whatever the biggest fight is. He’s the Interim WBA champion, we’re going to pursue the regular champion. When I get back home, I’m going to sit down with Oscar, sit down with the team and discuss it. Then we’ll go to HBO and see what we can get done. Bryant obviously has the heart of a champion. We should commend him for a great fight and a good performance. It didn’t go his way, but he will be back.”

”It’s part of the game. It just wasn’t my night. It was what it was. I still wanted to try to fight (after the knockdown), but it just wasn’t there. That’s the game. That’s the fight game. I was fighting pressure against pedigree and he out-bested me tonight. He was hitting me with clean shots, and they were good punches. I wasn’t on my game and he got the best of me tonight. I think it was his pedigree that overpowered me.”

“My corner was pretty much telling me to keep moving my head, stop leaving my head where it was at. I just got too comfortable leaving my head where it was at, but that wasn’t the main fault. I kept the same routine instead of switching it up when he switched it up. I didn’t adjust well. I didn’t adjust well at all.”

“I got hurt in the first round. I have to look at it to see how I looked, but I how I felt was that I was trying to get back in it. I was trying to get back. The whole second round I was still blacked out. Like the lights were out. But I still fought and I think I did way better than I did in the first. In the second round, I was probably in worse condition that in the first round because I was feeling the effects of it then. The third round I kind of got it back and I was trying to get it all the way back. I was working, just trying to get a groove.”

“I’m not going to try to say it was a premature stoppage. I knew it. I knew it when I got up. I’m thinking that I wish it was basketball. I’m looking up to see how much time is left. But it wasn’t happening. That same almost blackout from the first round kind of reoccurred. I probably could have stayed away and used my legs, but those first three steps off the count? It was a wrap.”

“It hasn’t really hit me yet, but it’s part of the game. Like I put on my Instagram five minutes later, It’s part of the game, but maybe a part of the game that I didn’t want to be part of. It is what it is. I had a tough road, these last fights. I fought some tough opponents. But I’m a fighter, and I’m from Philly and I showed heart. I did what I had to do. It just wasn’t my night tonight."

“We had a great camp. We were very comfortable. It’s just he was a better fighter. Well, he wasn’t the better fighter. He was good at positioning and when he switched up, I just didn’t adjust well. In the sixth round, he came out boxing. Ortiz was landing cleaner shots. In the first round, I probably got hit with a harder shot than that other shot. But just like (the video game) “Street Fighter”, when you’re playing and it (endurance meter) is all the way up, but you get hit, hit, hit it goes down, down, down. And when it turns red, the softer shot hits you, it takes you down. But that shot just so happened to be another hard shot. But I still got up. I was aware, but when I looked up, I was like Damn! I knew what happened, and I knew how it was going to go.”

“My inexperience showed tonight. All the other fights where the guys were more experienced, my conditioning and my strength pretty much powered me (enough). But tonight, the experience showed.”




John DiSanto - Verona, NY - December 19, 2015