PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - August 23, 2016  
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Story by Ken Hissner
Photos by Ryan Greene / Premiere Boxing Champions


Tuesday night, King’s Boxing Promotions and PBC put on a seven-bout card at the Sands Event Center in Bethlehem, PA. The four top bouts were nationally televised over Fox Sports 1. 

In the main event, super middleweight Caleb “Sweet Hands” Plant, 14-0 (11 KO), of Nashville, TN, scored a knockdown and shut out Juan “La Amenaza” De Angel, 18-5-1 (17 KO), of Barranquilla, COL, over 10 rounds.

In the first two rounds, it was all Plant who used a fast jab to set up De Angel for the right hand. De Angel had little to offer in return. In the third round, Plant landed a hard right to the chin of De Angel, who shook his head. Plant landed some good lead right hands to the head of De Angel and slipped punches, using his jab to control things.

In the fourth round, a left hook to the chin dropped De Angel. Plant wasn’t able to follow up on it but easily took the round. 

In the sixth round, Plant faked a left, then quickly landed it on the chin of De Angel. Plant is a thinking man’s boxer who seems to have full control of what he’s doing. In the ninth round, Plant continued to land with a long right off a good jab to the chin of De Angel. In the tenth and final round, Plant finished his shut out of De Angel after suffering a head clash which caused a small cut on the forehead.  

Judges Kevin Morgan, John McKaie and John Poturaj had it 100-89. The referee was Gary Rosato.

In the co-feature and fight of the night, David “Day-Day” Grayton, 15-1 (11 KO), of DC, stopped  Kareem Martin, 8-1-1 (3 KO), also of DC, at 0:40 of the eighth and final round.

In the opening round, Martin rocked Grayton with a right hand to the chin. Just prior to the bell, Martin rocked Grayton with a left hook to the chin. In the second round, Grayton suffered a cut over his left eye. He was warned twice by referee Benjy Esteves, Jr. for hitting behind the head. In the third round, the excitement continued between these two talented boxers. Grayton got in some solid punches in this round. In the fourth round, both continued to fight even when they were tied up. There was no love lost in this one. The taller southpaw Grayton was more effective in the last two rounds, but Martin was much faster.

In the fifth round, Martin continued to slip punches, while Grayton was the aggressor and finished strong. In the sixth round, Grayton landed half a dozen unanswered punches hurting Martin. Martin came back with five punches of his own before Grayton got one in. A left uppercut to the midsection by Grayton hurt Martin and had him hanging on. In the seventh round, Grayton took over, and got away with several low blows. Martin slips punches but didn't fire back enough.

In the eighth and final round, Grayton rocked Martin and followed up with a barrage of punches, and referee Esteves waved it off with Martin out on his feet. Martin started well, but from the third round on it was all Grayton.  

“I was very motivated coming off my loss," Grayton said. "I wanted to make a statement and get back to where I belong." 

"I lost a little focus and he caught me with a good shot," Martin said. "It was a good back and forth fight as we were hitting each other. He caught me, but I could have continued. I just need to come back next time with more focus,” said Martin.

Local Heavyweight Eric Newell, 8-4-3 (5 KO), of Bethlehem, lost to Wesley Triplett, 4-1 (2 KO), of Youngstown, OH, at 0:23 of the third round.  

In the opening round, Triplett rocked Newell with a left hook to the chin. Newell was warned several times for infractions by referee Esteves. In the second round, Newell kept pushing Triplett to the ropes and leaned on him while scoring body shots. Triplett rocked Newell with a right uppercut causing him to fall into Triplett.

In the third round, a right uppercut hurt Newell. Referee Esteves took Newell to the corner for the ring physician to take a look. The doctor advised Esteves to stop it due to a possible broken jaw.

Light heavyweight southpaw Carlos Gongora, 6-0 (5 KO), of Ecuador, stopped southpaw Ronald “Showtime” Mixon, 7-1 (6 KO), of L.A., at 1:16 of the first round.

“I was prepared and I analyzed his style and how he could fight," said Gongora. "I want to dedicate this to my family and country. It was a pleasure to do it on TV. I’m going straight to the top and it was good to do it on television to show the world who I am." 

“I just got caught,” said Nixon. 

Lightweight Carlos “Hard Hands” Rosario, 5-1 (3 KO), of Pennsauken, NJ, scored a knockout at 3:08 of the in the sixth round over Cesar Garcia, 11-21-1 (5 KO), of Baja California, Mexico.

In the first two rounds, both fighters mixed it up well. By the end of the round, the fans were cheering for Rosario. Garcia used a good left hook and Rosario a good straight right. In the third round, Rosario had a good round and caused a small cut on the left eye of Garcia. It partially closed his eye.

In the fourth and final round, Rosario became the aggressor and was landed many combinations. Garcia was holding his own, despite the cut opening up. In the fifth round, Garcia suffered a cut under his left eye but kept coming forward, showing a lot of heart.

Rosario became the aggressor halfway through the round and had the left side of Garcia’s face bloody. In the sixth and final, round Rosario was looking for the knockout which came as the timekeeper signaled 10 seconds left. Rosario landed a right hand that dropped Garcia, who took the count on his knees while referee Rosato counted him out.    

Trainers for Rosario were Nick Rosario assisted by Chino Rivas. They also had Daquan Johnson earlier in the show.

In the opening bout, welterweight Yurik Mamedov, 1-0, NYC, won all 4 rounds defeating southpaw Antonio Allen, 0-3, of Philadelphia.

The judges were Michael Somma, John Poturaj and Kevin Morgan.

Russian welterweight Yurik “DBSBC” Mamedov, 1-0 (1 KO), New York, won all four rounds over Antonio Allen, 0-3, of Philadelphia.

Each round was the same for three rounds, with the much taller Allen, a southpaw, on the ropes. Mamedov took it to the body, easily winning each round. In the third round, a head clash caused a cut on Mamedov’s forehead. In the fourth and final round, Allen had his best round but it was not good enough to take it.

All three judges had it 40-36. Rosato was the referee.

Welterweight southpaw Daquan Johnson, 2-0 (2 KO), Cherry Hill, NJ, stopped Stephen Bass, 1-3, Atlanta, with a body shot at 1:35 of the second round. Referee Esteves waved it off as Bass got to his feet but was bent over and not able to continue.   

In the opening round, Bass was the aggressor but Johnson’s counter punching, especially left hooks to the body, won him the round. In the second round, body shots from Johnson continued and finally dropped Bass with a left uppercut to the mid-section. Bass beat the count, but was bent over so referee Esteves called a halt.

The timekeeper for the night was Fred Blumstein.

King’s Promotion will be back in Reading, PA, at Santander Arena, September 9th with two world title fights. Underneath the pair of title fights, will be Reading’s Travis Kauffman, former world champion Kermit Cintron and Frankie De Alba.




Ken Hissner - Bethlehem, PA - August 23, 2016