PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - October 15, 2016 
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Story by John DiSanto


Heavyweights Amir Mansour and Joey Dawejko participated in the boxing event of the year in 2015.  It all started the moment the two signed the contract for the fight.  Before the ink even dried, both fighters began needling the other, which led to two months of simmering bad blood.  They battled on social media, nearly threw down at the final press conference and clashed at the weigh in. 

All that bad blood hinted at a possible brawl, but that never happened in the ring.  Mansour-Dawejko wasn’t the war that everyone expected, but it was an interesting boxing match with touches of drama, a big live crowd, a national TV audience, and the PA state championship at stake. 

Dawejko start strong against a tight-looking Mansour.  As Amir warmed up, Joey out-boxed him and built an early lead.  By the second round, Mansour was bleeding from a cut eye.  By the third, Dawejko has a similar trickling wound. 

After the first half, Dawejko had the lead, but Mansour was finally loosening up.  As Dawejko tired, Mansour picked up the pace and began outworking him.  The score tightened and then Mansour finished well.  Dawejko had wobbled Amir in the fourth, and Mansour returned the favor in the tenth. 

After a full ten rounds, Mansour had the edge, won the unanimous decision, and took home the PA state heavyweight title trophy.  On Sunday, both fighters will take home a Briscoe Award for the best Philly fight of 2015.  The fans voted this fight the winner by a landslide. 

The “2015 Philly Fight of the Year” award is sponsored by the Joe Hand Boxing Gym.  

Come out to support Amir, Joey, the rest of the winners and the rest of the Philly boxing community on Sunday, October 16, 2016, 1-4 pm at Xfinity Live! In South Philadelphia.  Admission is $5.




John DiSanto - Philadelphia - October 15, 2016