PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - April 14, 2019  
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Story by John DiSanto
Photos by Darryl Cobb Jr. /


Philly Boxing History presented the 12th Annual Briscoe Awards Sunday, April 14th, at Xfinity Live! in South Philly. This year, special awards went to legends Stanley "Kitten" Hayward and J Russell Peltz, while the top local boxers of the day took home awards in a variety of categories including Fighter of the Year, Fight of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Amateur of the Year, and several others.

Kalvin Henderson and Brandon Robinson were honored for their
"2018 Fight of the Year"

Trainer Raul Rivas accepted two award for his fighter Tevin Farmer
("Fighter of the Year" and "Performance of the Year")

Kitten Hayward won a lifetime achievement award for his great career

Promoter J Russell Peltz received a special Briscoe Medal for 50 years in boxing

Jeremy Cuevas too home the award as the "Prospect of the Year"

"Rookie of the Year" Paul Kroll

Atif Oberlton was named the "Amateur of the Year"

Samuel Teah scored the "Upset of the Year"

Danny Garcia received his medal for the "KO of the Year" prior to the event

Kenny Ludwig's shot of Cruz Cunningham won the "2018 Photo of the Year"

Christian Carto did not attend the Awards, but won for "The One to Watch"

Quaheem Davis won the "Everett Brothers Award"

Alex Barbosa, the announcer and host of the Briscoe Awards

Nate Miller, Rodney Frazier, Marvis Frazier, Marvin Mack, Mike Everett, Tim Witherspoon (& daughter), Charles Brewer, Lionel Byarm, Tim Zatzariny, and others were in attendance

Some of the luminaries in attendance

Marvis Frazier, Lou DiPonziano & Rodney Frazier

The crowd at Xfinity Live!

Marvis Frazier and Buster Custus

Adriana Soto, Chino Rivas & Linda Peltz

Marvis Frazier with Ken Hissner

Atif Oberlton

Garrett Wilson and Damon Feldman

Alex Barbosa

Fred Druding, Chailie Sgrillo, Joe Divon, & Robert Rubnitz

Nino Del Buono and John Gallagher

Nate Miller

Marvis Frazier, Kitten Hayward and Terry Nilon

Fred Druding won the Jeff Chandler poster

Charles Brewer & Kitten Hayward

Kitten Hayward

John won the Blue Horizon poster

Team Robinson


Jeremy Cuevas

The Kitten

Atif Oberlton

Sam Teah

Brandon Robinson

Promoter Marshall Kauffman with the combatants of the year's best fight

Russell Peltz

Samuel Teah

Stanley Hayward

Will Davis, the father & trainer of Quaheem Davis

Quaheem Davis

Davis receives the "Everett Brothers Award"

Mike & Eddie Everett

Dave Price presented the "Amateur of the Year" award

Atif Oberlton and Dave Price

Coach Chino




John DiSanto - South Philly - April 14, 2019