PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - April 27, 2019  
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J. R. Jowett Reporting From Ringside


J. R. Jowett reporting from ringside: The Pennsbury Racquet Club in Morrisville, PA, across the Delaware from Trenton, hosted the auspicious return of one of the most active club promoters in the NJ-PA area for many years, Nedal Abuhumoud (Nedal Prom’ns) on 4/27/19. Nedal hadn’t promoted in some eight years, since the end of his prime attraction, Omar Sheika.

Now backing a new middle eastern star, Omar Salem, son of “The Egyptian Magician” Kabary Salem, who once fought for the middleweight title, brought Nedal back, a welcome addition to the already active local scene. Nedal co-promoted with “Cornflake” LaManna’s Rising Star Prom’ns, with Renee Aiken matchmaker. Some 400 – 500 fans turned out for a lively club show. Mark Fratto was ring announcer, Mike Arnese kept time, and Kurt Wolfheimer did PR.

In the main event eight, Omar Salem, 168 ¼, NYC, 9-0 (4), met Antonio Ocles, 166, Quito, Ecuador, 10-7-1 (3). The fight started as a crowd pleaser, with good action and trading. The underdog went on the offensive, tagging the southpaw favorite with right leads to body and head. But with the Egyptian Magician working his corner, Omar adjusted and began to answer back, including a stiff arm that drew a caution from referee Shawn Clark.

Trading was solid into the third, when the underdog charged out with a revved up attack. But counter punching by the tall, rangy favorite turned the tide, with Ocles losing his mouthpiece and the Egyptian crowd up. The fourth, however, sank into a ragtag affair with each trying to set up the other for sucker punches. Late in the round, Ocles dropped his arms and taunted.

But Omar nailed down the win in a big fifth when Antonio tried to bore in, head down in a peek-a-boo crouch. Salem went underneath and ripped him with uppercuts. The contest crested and there was no fight left in Ocles thereafter. The last three were just cameo appearances, with Omar taking potshots enough to win, until fans set up a “Knock him out” chant in the final minute of the eighth. Omar tried, but had to settle for a unanimous decision. Justin Rubenstein scored 78-74, Lindsey Page 79-73, and Jimmy Kinney 80-72.

Nahir Albright, 134 ½, Phila., 7-1 (2), got  a good fight out of import Tyrome Jones, 133 ½, South Bend, 4-5-1 (1), in a tightly contested six. The southpaw visitor stalked behind a high and tight guard, throwing short blows, while the more versatile favorite moved away and let his hands fly with long punches. A lead right stunned Jones early in the second, but he resolutely got back into the action and was applying pressure until he got rocked by a left hook and Nahir rallied to pull out the round. The third was close with the slightly sharper punching going to Albright. Nahir put on a good show of long and limber punching in the fourth, but Tyrome was back applying the pressure in a close fifth. Nahir closed the show impressively in good final round action to gain the unanimous verdict. Allen Rubenstein scored 59-55, Kinney and Justin Rubenstein 60-54.

There weren’t a lot of clean punches in a mad scramble between Elijah Morales, 146 ½, Kissimmee, FL, 3-0 (1), and Steve Moore, 146 ¼, Orange, NJ, 1-8 (1), four. The popular Morales got off to a bad start when he was caught off balance by a right in the first and sent reeling, with referee Eric Dali giving him a count without going down. Morales regrouped and took control with a stronger physical attack that had Moore often holding and the crowd going wild for their favorite. Morales slowed a step and let Moore back into the fight in the fourth, but still got the unanimous decision. Allen Rubenstein scored 38-37, Kinney and Page 39-37.

Debuting, Jakub Sowirko, 194 ¾, from Sanok, Poland via Trenton, took a unanimous decision over Charles Johnson, 195 ¼, Wash., DC, 1-2 (1), in a tame four that got a lot more excitement from the crowd than the (lack of) action deserved. The southpaw Johnson circled and outboxed the slow and wooden Pole in the first, but did nothing thereafter to seize control.

There was a decided dearth of action in the second, Sowirko landing one good right. The favorite got in a good left-right to rock Johnson in the third, and the compliant underdog did nothing but circle and virtually gave the fight away. Nevertheless, it was a majority decision for Sowirko, as Page scored 38-38 while the Rubensteins gave it to Jakub, 39-37 from Justin and a shutout by Allen. The winner’s corner was highlighted by the return of iconic and ancient Trenton fight figure “Mugsy” Episcopo.

Debuting Shinard Bunch, 149 ¼, Trenton,  wowed local fans by blowing out hapless Cortland Woodard, 151, Pittsburgh, 0-2, in just 35 seconds of a scheduled four. The rangy Shinard came out with hands pumping, straight and sharp. The shorter Woodard tried to come in low, but couldn’t manage the step to the inside and was a sitting duck for chopping punches. A left-right floored him in the first exchange and then a crushing right crumpled him, referee Clark calling a halt without a count.

The show opened with the only upset. In a four rounder of debutees, Wayne Williams, 159 ½, Phila., stopped game Quadeer Jenkins, 159 ¾, Trenton, in 2:11 of the first round. The two opened in a blaze, with Jenkins landing some sharp counters but overwhelmed by the taller, long-armed Williams who fired roundhouses with both hands. Quadeer went to the canvas in his opponent’s corner and got up to fight his way out of a blitzing in a neutral corner. The eager Williams leaned in and didn’t have his feet under him, the resultant push punches battering but not dropping Quadeer. The local favorite got back into the fight and tried to establish his game, but when Williams dropped a long right over Quadeer’s left to stagger him, referee Dali pulled the plug. 




Jeff Jowett - Morrisville, PA - April 27, 2019