PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - November 13, 2021  
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Story by John DiSanto
Photos by Kevin Estrada / Golden Boy Promotions


Gabriel Rosado clocked in Saturday night and turned in one of his typical exciting, blood and guts performances. Although he fell short of the victory on all three judges' scorecards, his fight against Jamie Munguia was another memorable, thrilling, and at times, brutal battle. Such fights have become Rosado's trademark. Whether he wins or loses, Rosado's fights have become must-see events for fight fans. The November 13th fight for the WBO Intercontinental middleweight title belt, from the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA was no different. Streamed live by DAZN and promoted by Golden Boy, the fight went the full 12-round distance with Munguia winning the unanimous decision. 

Coming off perhaps the best win of his career (a crushing third round knockout of touted Bektemir Melikuziev) and a surprisingly close call against former champ and top contender Danny Jacobs before that, Rosado appeared poised to cash in against Munguia, the undefeated and highly regarded Mexican from Tijuana. Although the odds were sternly against the Philadelphia native, the narrative that his rocky career had formed a veteran warrior, battle-tested and ready to finally reach top. This narrative was mostly correct, but did not result in a Hollywood ending many were hoping for. 

In his past few bouts, including Saturday's, Rosado has shown maturity and a new level of ability. However against Munguia, Rosado was in against a young standout with a good chin, terrific power, and an endless supply of punches. Rosado did well and had his moments, but fell behind Munguia and failed to score the knockout he ultimately needed to win the fight.

After splitting the first two rounds with Munguia on my card, Rosado missed a booming right hand in round three that was reminiscent of the one that crushed BEK in June. When the punch whistled past Munguia's chin, Rosado let out a big "Woooo". It was the first suggestion that the LA-based Philadelphian might actually repeat his most recent victory.

The two went to war in the fourth, with both fighters landing hard punches. At times, Munguia looked affected, but he was always able to pull himself together and fire back. This pattern repeated throughout the fight. When Rosado scored big, Munguia usually scored back bigger.

The sixth round was another war, but Rosado came out of the session marked around the eyes. However, his spirit was not dented in the slightest. In the following round, Munguia's blows left Gaby further marked and bleeding from his nose.

Following his usual pattern, Rosado rebounded well in the eighth, just when you thought he was starting to wear down. He landed a hard right hand that wobbled Munguia, and by the end of the round the Mexican appeared tired and hurt.

Rosado landed isolated solo shots in the ninth that hurt Munguia, but Jaime was in control most of the way. He blasted Rosado with flurries of punches that just came coming in bursts. The tenth was another two-way battle and Rosado landed a few hard shots. One right hurt the defending champ near the end of the round.

In the final two rounds, Rosado started showing signs of fatigue as his face puffed around his eyes. Still, the underdog remained in the fight and stayed dangerous. However, Munguia looked renewed and kept throwing punches as the final bell approached.

After twelve rounds, all three judges had the fight scored in Munguia's favor. No surprise. However, two of the three cards felt unnecessarily wide. Zachary Young scored the bout 119-109 (only one round for Rosado). Raul Caiz Sr. had it 118-110 (two rounds for Rosado). Max DeLuca scored the fight 117-111 (or three rounds for Rosado). My score mirrored DeLuca's.

The victory improved the impressive Munguia's record to 38-0, 30 KOs. Rosado fell to 26-14-1, with 15 KOs and 1 ND.

After the fight, Rosado complained about how one-sided the scorecards were and even vaguely suggested that he might retire. However, he went twelve good rounds with one of the top guys in the middleweight division, and usual, did not disappoint the fans. As a performer and ring entertainer, his stock is still high. If he wants it, Gaby can certainly land another big fight.




John DiSanto - Anaheim, CA (via DAZN) - November 13, 2021