PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                                             June 05, 2010


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Steve USS Cunningham finally dropped that annoying championship prefix of "former" on Saturday afternoon when he regained the IBF 200-pound title by 5th round TKO over Troy Ross. Cunningham cruised through the first three rounds of the scheduled 12-round bout, cutting Ross on the lower left eyelid along the way. The punch that caused the gash included an accidental thumb. Southpaw Ross roared back in round four and poked a straight left hand through Cunningham's defense which deposited the Philadelphian on the canvas. Steve got right up and survived the round with no trouble. At the beginning of the 5th round, referee Bill Clancy brought the ringside doctor in to check the freakish cut. The doctor agreed that the fight should be stopped. The victory makes Steve Cunningham a champion again, and changes his prefix from "former" to "two-time" champ. 




For Immediate Release

Neubrandenburg, Germany - 5th June 2010

Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham is once again the IBF Cruiserweight Champion of the World, having regained the coveted title, at the Jahnsportforum, Neubrandenburg in Germany in Germany tonight, after the ringside doctor deeming Troy Ross unfit to continue before the start of the fifth round.

From the first bell Cunningham dominated the centre of the ring using his wickedly fast jabs to keep the shorter Ross at bay. Ross, a seriously tough southpaw, seemed willing to take a few punches in order to get in closer to let off some wicked bombs.

Rounds two and three produced more of the same, although Ross was getting a little more success. The problem for Ross though was that his getting in more also meant he was taking more shots, causing noticeable swelling.

Round four produced both a serious problem for Ross, who received a thumb in the eye which tore open the lower eyelid, and a scare for the Cunningham team as they see their man reel backwards and down to the canvas. 

Thoughts of a repeat scenario to the Adamek fight were dispelled within minutes as prior to the start of the fifth the referee, Bill Clancy, sent Cunningham to a neutral corner and called for the ringside doctor to check out Ross’ damaged eye. The doctor had no choice but to stop the fight as it was clear that the Canadian’s  eye injury was serious.

A jubilant Cunningham said, “Man, It’s great to be Champ again. Troy’s a great competitor, he came to win for sure.

Cunningham then hinted at a possible rematch with fellow Sauerland Event stable mate WBC Champion, Marco ‘Kapt’n’ Huck as he went on to say, “I am really comfortable with my weight and want to defend my title again soon.

I feel that I am a major force in the Cruiserweight  division and want to unify the division.”

“Champ Again In ‘10” has been Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham’s catch phrase for the past six months, he has now achieved this. Congratulations Champ.



For Immediate Release

Philadelphia, PA - 7th June 2010

Cruiserweight World Champion Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham, who has been receiving high levels of negative commentary from the Canadian media, as well as from Ross supporters, following the fifth round stoppage decision that saw him become the IBF World Champion for the second time, today issued an official statement regarding the circumstances that lead to the fight with Troy Ross being stopped by the ringside doctor.

Speaking from his home in Philadelphia, PA, Cunningham said, "First and foremost, our prayers go out to Ross regarding his injury, I have heard that he needed a surgery, and pray for a complete recovery to his eye.  Regarding the fight, we feel great about the win, it was the goal to be champ again in '10, and here we are!  I have watched the fight and I feel strongly that I was controlling the fight, Ross was backing up the entire time.  The punch that caused the cut was a clean shot, the ref declared so in the ring and even following the fight after seeing the replay.  Unfortunately, these things happen in boxing, it is part of the sport.  My plan for the near future is to rest up a little and meet with my team about what is next."




John DiSanto - News & Notes - June 05, 2010