PHILLY BOXING HISTORY                                                                     November 20, 2010


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For the second straight week a Philadelphia fighter won a close disputed decision in the fight before a big main event. Like Mike Jones last week, Steve Upsher Chambers had the opportunity to fight in the slot before the main event of the evening. Chambers was not part of the HBO broadcast but was in front of a large audience ready to see the anticipated rematch between Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City. The home crowd gave Chambers a warm welcome and looked forward to the man from the fighting city of Philadelphia to take advantage of his opportunity. 

Chambers started well in the first round keeping Jargal at a distance with his jab and mixing in some flurries to land power punches. In the second, Jargal began what would become the theme of the fight - pressuring Chambers around the ring with a high volume punching attack. The third round saw the first intense action of the fight with multiple heated exchanges in the round. Chambers won each exchange with his better skills and speed allowing him to hit and not be hit. Then he took off the remainder of the round and allowed Jargal to push him around the ring. Jargal would not land much, but the fact that he was throwing punches while Chambers backed up made the round closer than it should have been. 

In the fourth, Chambers was inactive and again Jargal chased him around the ring throwing punches. Several times Chambers laid on the ropes while Jargal punched away. In fifth and sixth rounds Chambers went back to using his jab to keep Jargal at bay, but did not open up with a more aggressive attack.  

The seventh round was probably the best in the fight with both Chambers and Jargal standing toe to toe several times. As the rest of the fight had played out Chambers landed his punches, but Jargal made it tough to score with his more aggressive and active style. Chambers went back into hiding in the eighth and final round, making it easy for Jargal to take the final round with activity.  

When the scores were announced it was the kind of fight you knew could go several different ways. Chambers was awarded a split decision victory. One judge gave the fight to Jargal 77-75 with the other two judges seeing it for Chambers by scores of 77-75 and 78-74. I had it a draw 76-76. Therefore, I can see the 77-75 score in each direction, but really am not sure how the third judge saw the fight six rounds to two. This fight was far to close for that score. 

The home crowd was a mix of cheers and boos when the scores were announced with many in the audience feeling Jargal deserved the decision. Jargal did appear the aggressor through the majority of the fight, but Chambers landed the cleaner punches. This came down to the old choice for judges of whether you put more emphasis on clean effective punching or ring generalship, aggressive attack, and pressure fighting. 

Chambers can hopefully learn from a tough close fight. When he jabbed he had little trouble keeping his opponent at bay and when he was willing to stand and trade shots he got the better of the exchanges. Unfortunately the jab and willingness to stand and fight seemed to come and go through out instead of applying a steady diet of jabs and power punches to his opponent. 

After the fight, Steve’s older brother heavyweight “Fast” Eddie Chambers made an appearance in the ring for a short interview. Eddie announced that his next fight could be a rematch with Derric Rossy (Chambers scored a seventh round TKO in their first meeting in 2007). Chambers stated Rossy is a much improved fighter now and the rematch should be a good fight. [Gary Purfield is the house blogger for the web site He was in attendance for the fight and offered his report and photos to Philly Boxing History.]




Gary Purfield - Atlantic City - November 20, 2010