PHILLY BOXING HISTORY - October 24, 2016 
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Story by John DiSanto


A new documentary film about the Philly boxing scene is currently in development. It's called "Why Philly?" and it is expected to look at the Philly boxing phenomenon. Local boxers like Steve Cunningham, Amir Mansour, Julian Williams and others will be featured. 

From the film's publicity info: 

Why Philly? A Documentary Film
"We are born to be fighters based on our circumstances. We only learn, later on, the art of boxing." ~ Simon "One Punch" Carr

Walk the gritty streets of the rough Philadelphia neighborhoods; talk with boxers past and present; meet the families, trainers, gyms, support systems that make "Philly boxing" what it is today.

These are not your average people. Their stories are each unique, and inspiring. Maleek Jackson, for example, spent ten years in prison, from ages 16-26. Since his release, three and a half years ago, he has managed to become the most sought after personal trainer in Philadelphia. He trains everyone from government officials, to celebrities, to the neighborhood kids.

Steve Cunningham, and Amir Mansour are just two of the many other great examples you will get to know. Both are most certainly warriors in the ring, (especially when they fought one another in 2014, while Steve's daughter was in need of a heart transplant) and yet deeply compassionate, humble people when the gloves are off. That night, when the tough bout between Steve and Amir was over, and Amir was the decided loser, he used his post-fight interview to tell the world about Steve's daughter. Amir's speech was the catalyst that brought the Facebook page, "Keeping up with Kennedy", into existence. This page became the fund that helped save her life.

The athletes featured in this film are among the most dedicated people we have ever met. They train 24/7/365, because if they're not 100% in the ring, their life is on the line. They don't do drugs, and they rarely drink. Many have come from absolutely nothing, and literally, fought their way to the top. This is the very fiber from which role models are made, champions are bred, and new contenders are born. We owe them no less a commitment than they have made to themselves.


The production team has launched a crowd-funding campaign on INDIEGOGO to raise the funds needed for the production phase of the project. You can read more about the film and get involved by visiting: 





John DiSanto - Philadelphia - October 24, 2016